Meet Kruso's new developer interns

Kruso is always looking for new talented people.

During the last year we have hired more than 30 new employees. We also had the pleasure of several interns, of whom many is now a regular part of our team as student assistants.

In the beginning of February, a new team of interns started at Kruso. Including our two new developer interns Rufaida, 25, and Hala, 30, from Syria and Iraq. Rufaida came to Denmark last year, and Hala came to Denmark two years ago. With an interest in technology and computers they both signed up for a six-months program focusing on programming, coding and software development. Through the program they have learned about JavaScript, HTML, Angular, CSS, and several other systems and programs. As they have now finished the program they have ventured into the job market and started an internship at Kruso, where they are a part of our Frontend team.  

The two interns have very different backgrounds. Rufaida is an IT engineer and already had some knowledge about computer programming. She says that the six-months program has taught her a lot of new things about coding and programming, which has aroused her interest in frontend development. Hala, on the other hand, has no previous experience with coding and programming. She has a Bachelor degree in Medical Devices engineering and therefore embarked on a journey into the unknown when she signed up for the program. She says that she found programming and coding very exciting and challenging and that she learned a lot during the six months – knowledges she is looking forward putting into practise at Kruso. They both hope to get more hands-on experience to compare with their knowledge from the program. At the same time, they look forward to be a part of a talented team, where they get the opportunity to contribute with ideas and solutions.  



Here at Kruso we already appreciate Hala and Rufaida, and we think it is so cool they jumped into this project. We want to add that Rufaida, besides learning a lot about coding, also managed to learn both Danish and English during the last year. Both girls are very hard-working, fast learners, and meet their new job and colleges with a smile. 


We see the work with interns as a great advantage – both for the intern and for us. Through our interns we get skilled co-workers with a big drive and new, exciting knowledge within their fields. They contribute with new perspectives and solutions, that we might not have seen otherwise. We are very passionate about including our interns as an active part of our teams where they are responsible for their own tasks and learn to take control of their own projects. In our experience, this is how you develop the most – both professionally and personally.  

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Developer intern, Rufaida Jumaa, says:

"I really like my colleges and the work environment at Kruso. I admire how all employees work so well together. I feel very welcome here. Most of all I am so happy to be able to learn new things and to contribute to the company."