Mediaworkers and Kruso join forces.

Kruso announces today that we have joint forces with the company Mediaworkers that resides in Aarhus and has had a long-term focus on digital solutions for the public sector, but is also strong in complex e-commerce solutions for private companies.

 Kruso changed its name from Netmester earlier this year in connection with a repositioning of the company's brand, and the acquisition is part of a new growth strategy. It aims to expand an already strong market position in the public sector and at the same time win several digital projects among major private customers - both at home, and internationally.


Niels Ebbesen and Lars Ørum on a photo

Within the last six months alone, Kruso has recruited 10 new employees, and in 2016, the company's leading positions were replaced with the goal of becoming viable in even heavier strategic - and technical consultancy. The acquisition of Mediaworkers adds 15 additional digital experts and brings Kruso among the largest digital development agencies in the country. Overall, Kruso now has 50 employees distributed at offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Malmö. In addition to stronger local presence, it means increased flexibility, wider skills and greater muscles to handle customer projects.

"Just like Kruso, Mediaworkers has for years been heavily focused on the public, and it is especially obvious synergies within that field that brought us together. With Mediaworkers, we become stronger because we can offer more products and services. Both qua our common experience, but also in the form of concrete technical solutions. Eg. Mediaworkers has developed a CMS framework called 'Open Public Web', which is tailor-made public customers' needs, while building a development community that allows public customers to share development costs, "explains Niels Ebbesen, CEO of Kruso.

 Also on the e-commerce front, Mediaworkers strengthens Kruso, as the company has experience with developing complex e-commerce solutions in major international companies. Eg. When it comes to technical design of PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) solutions that are often part of more advanced e-commerce solutions.

"We are strengthening our skills with several talented digital business consultants, technical architects, designers and developers. It contributes to increasing both the depth and breadth of our service offerings ranging from digital strategy and user experience to agile project management and delivery of complex integration solutions, "says Lars Ørum Andersen.

In connection with the acquisition, Mediaworkers will initially become a subsidiary in Kruso, but the company will be run as one from day one. The management of Kruso will continue to be signed by Managing Director Niels Ebbesen and Lars Ørum Andersen, who joined Copenhagen's Commercial Director (CCO) in 2016 with Tomas Antvorskov Krag, Technical Director (CTO). In connection with the merger, Henrik Sejer Gelineck Berg, Mediaworker's CEO, also joins Kruso's management team.

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