Kruso steers the raft to Kuglegården

We have moved to new surroundings at Kuglegården

From the 1st June, Kruso is a part of one of Copenhagen’s most exciting and cozy areas on Arsenaløen in the middle of Copenhagen Harbor in Kuglegården’s historic buildings. Kuglegården has, since it was built in 1742, been a part of the military and has housed the Danish Navy for more than 300 years. During the past years, the buildings have been renovated in line with the buildings being released to civilian use. This has brought new life to the beautiful, historic buildings and will now provide the setting for Kruso’s new adventure on Arsenaløen.

Like that, we share the same history as the Navy that also began its journey on Bremerholm and moved to Arsenaløen as a result of needing more space – however, unlike the Danish Navy, Kruso has not existed for 300 years – yet.

When this office came on the market, we could immediately see this, along with the unique location, providing the setting for a new and exciting environment in the middle of Copenhagen. We are very happy to be a part of this along with the other young companies at Kuglegården.

- Lars Ørum Andersen, CEO. 

The area around Holmen is one of Copenhagen’s most unique and historic places and exudes 300 years of Danish Navy history. Kuglegården is placed with a beautiful view of central Copenhagen, the Opera, and Broens Gadekøkken.

We are looking forward to continuing Kruso’s journey at Kuglegården. Come by and say hi – We are always ready with a freshly brewed coffee and a chat about creative ideas and digital projects.

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Phone: +45 2810 5871