Kruso now has a member in the Episerver Most Valued Professionals program

We are honoured to announce that our Solution Architect at Kruso Malmö, Erik Henningson, has joined the Episerver Most Valued Professionals (EMVP) program. 


Episerver defines EMVPs as individuals who bring their experience in business and technology forward in the spirit of open exchange of knowledge and creativity. The EMVPs are further described as Digital Strategists and Developers who are willing to use knowledge gained through their own successes and failures to accelerate the success of others.

Being a member of the EMVP program means that Erik has proven an ability to make a difference within the Episerver community of customers and partners, and of course we are proud of Erik’s new EMVP badge.

For our Clients, this means that Kruso continuously get access to exclusive early updates on information regarding upcoming Episerver launches, enabling us at Kruso to serve as a true braintrust always on the forefront of the latest trends and opportunities within Episerver.

We have asked Erik about his thoughts on now being an EMVP member, and if he has some advices for other developers who want to join the EMVP community.


What do you think about being an EMVP member? 

I’m flattered and happy to be on the same list as some of the really big names in the Episerver community. At the same time I’m a bit scared, now people might think I actually know something :-)


What have you done to become a member?

I’ve been active in the Episerver developer community for several years, and last year I started blogging, mainly about Episerver development.


What is the best thing about being an EMVP?

I get easy access the other EMVP members and Episerver staff, which hopefully will make it possible to quicker resolve any issues I might have. I get to take part in internal discussions regarding the future of Episerver, and get access to pre-release version of Episerver´s products. Once a year I’m also invited to the EMVP summit, three days of fun and tech talks, somewhere in the world.


Do you have any advice for developers who want to aim an EMVP status?

Share your knowledge as much as you can. It can be helping out in the Episerver developer community, writing blog post, or doing some open source add-on to Episerver. For me, sharing is also a way of learning.    



Read more about what it means to be and EMVP here.