Københavns Kommune and Kruso in a close cooperation

After an EU-procurement, Københavns Kommune has selected five web suppliers to help the Koncernservice department and the administrations with the operation and development of the municipality's digital platform.


In a competition with the four other suppliers, Kruso and the Kruso subsupplier Balidea has been chosen as one of the five parties who can offer to solve the tasks that Københavns Kommune wants resolved.


The cooperation between Københavns Kommune, Kruso and Balidea has already been established. In the short period of time, Kruso and Balidea have been selected to solve more than half of the so-called mini-procurements for Københavns Kommune. These mini-procurements are heavy tasks in a complex environment with many different actors where we have to dig deep to solve the tasks. 


KRUSO's Client Partner Kasper Saunders Bang comments on the cooperation with Københavns Kommune:

 "We are incredibly pleased with this exciting task. Københavns Kommune is a very professional and complex organization, providing daily services around the clock with vital services for citizens and businesses. Therefore, it is expected that you as a supplier will deliver the goods every time. In order to make the cooperation successful, it is required that you not only focus on the technical aspect of the task, but also the business-related aspect of it and enabling the cooperation well.”


Kruso and Balidea provide project management and development services, including development and integration, primarily on Københavns Kommune’s Drupal platform.


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