Kruso is developing a new digital platform for Kommunernes Landsforening

KL and Kruso have made an agreement on development and operation for KL's new future-proof digital platform that is going to increase the use and availability of KL's many users.

KL is an interest group for the 98 municipalities of Denmark committed to maintaining and supporting the common interests of the municipalities, both on a political and administrative level. In this way, KL contributes to strengthening local democracy in Denmark. In a digitized country like Denmark, it requires a digital platform that is keeping up with the municipality's platforms and supports the partnership and the ambition in the daily. It is in this light that KL and Kruso, together with Kruso's partner, Kontrapunkt, must develop a new digital platform for KL.

KL is thoroughly prepared for the assignment and has worked intensively and purposefully to formulate a strategy, values ​​and the design before the assignment was sent in the tender and the supplier was found. Because KL is so well prepared and clarified, Kruso's task is to tune in on KL's ambition for the project and deliver a State of The Art development and operating environment that supports this goal.

The new digital platform must be more recipient-oriented, easier to adjust and generally provide a better user experience and focus less on activating knowledge "about KL" and more "for the municipalities".

At the same time, the platform must provide seamless access to all platforms, so the access to using is never hindered by the technology. This means that the platform will offer the presence that KL wishes when requested. KL has therefore chosen Open Source as technology, and the new platform is built in the Danish-developed Umbraco platform.

The developing has already begun, and the new digital platform is expected to air at the end of 2018.


Kruso's Client Partner Kasper Saunders Bang says:

"It's an extremely exciting task. Right from the start, KL has clearly announced what they want to obtain with the project, where the boundaries go and to what level of ambition. This means that while we as a supplier are highly oriented towards technology, we are continuously obligated to create a product that fits KL’s ambition and take responsibility for delivering the solutions that meet this need."

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