The second OpenPublic Web ERFA meeting of 2017 has just been held

Twice a year Kruso organizes an ERFA meeting on the OpenPublic Web Development Community. Here, all the municipalities of the development community have the opportunity to share knowledge and participate in a discussion about, where the Development Community should invest in the future.

"We value to be a part of a community about developing a web platform that is especially suited to the needs of a municipality. Not only do we get more value, we also qualify our ideas by testing them in dialogue with municipalities who meet same challenges. "

- Christian Michaelsen, Kommunikationsmedarbejder hos Vesthimmerlands Kommune.


When Kruso and the municipalities were gathered earlier this month, focus was on making the municipalities ready for the new aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation. Through knowledge sharing and joint clarification, we worked to find a collaborative solution for optimizing data security for visitors on municipal websites. 

Kruso offers a number of features on OpenPublic Web. For the municipalities it is voluntary whether they want these features on their website or not. With features like a statistics module or an embedded view of a third-party feed, municipalities may risk collecting sensitive data from visitors. Therefore, the main subject at the ERFA meeting was to find an alternative to the municipalities jointly. That is, a web solution that is still dynamic and relevant to the visitors, while allowing them to visit a site without being tracked or sharing personal data with a third party.



Billede fra ERFA-gruppemødet

Today, OpenPublic Web consists a total of 13 municipalities. Vesthimmerlands Kommune is the municipality that has been part of the development community for the longest time. They share their thoughts about participating at the OPW ERFA Meeting:

"At OPW ERFA meeting, we particularly benefited from the debate about what we must be in control of as a municipality before the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force. We are pleased that the OpenPublic Web development community is able to change priorities quickly, and divides the development pool into areas where the need is greatest. "


 - Christian Michaelsen, Kommunikationsmedarbejder, Vesthimmerlands Kommune. 

The ERFA meeting has not only helped to strengthen the collaboration between Kruso as a web supplier and the individual municipality, but also the collaboration between the municipalities. This day gave them the opportunity for sparring, while at the same time giving KRUSO an insight into the current experiences and expectations of a municipality's various websites.

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