Cludo connector for Umbraco and Sitecore

Intelligent and scalable site search

A few months ago, Cludo launched their latest plugin for Umbraco, allowing easy access to various search statistics, page search and much more for their users. The year before, we also helped develop a connector between Umbraco and Siteimproves Plugin. Both connections are based on the same principles and approaches. We are, at Kruso, proud to have taken part in the creation of the connection between Sitecore and Cludo's new plugin.

In combination with each other, Cludo and Umbraco make up a package solution for your company, focusing on creating relevant content and subsequent optimization. Cludo site search enables direct control over the relevance of your search results, increasing control over the digital experience. The connection between Sitecore and Cludo's scalable and cloud-based search enables faster information localization and makes it easier for your marketing team to link digital behavior with online content. Sitecore CMS is easily integrated with Cludo and ensures unique site search experiences with control over relevance, content and useful analysis. Cludo also makes it possible for Sitecore developers to work in real time, helping to enhance the user experience and ensure greater control.

Real-time insight into the editor's own work

With access to valuable real-time insights, you ensure that the editor has the full context so that they can make the right optimizations with their content

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