Vesthimmerlands Kommune

The municipality has a mobile-first web solution.

Mobile - first and cost reductions.

Click and see our OpenPublic Web solution that is based on the open source system Umbraco. Kruso has been responsible for the development and implementation of both a new mainsite, subsites and intranet. 

Vesthimmerlands Kommunes website shown on three tablets


To find a solution that would meet future requirements, and that was easy to use for many editors - Thereby reaching internal savings in resources.


An OpenPublic Web solution based on the open source – system Umbraco. The solution includes development, and implementation of the new main site, subsites and intranet.


An OpenPublic Web platform that is adapted for future requirements through a responsive design that meets the mobile-first approach. The system is easy to use for various editors, which has resulted in extensive internal savings of resources.

We have already experienced some savings, and this will definitely continue due to our cooperation with Kruso. They have made it possible to replace, and in some cases deselect external systems.

- Maiken Mouritsen, Communication, Vesthimmerlands Kommune

Vesthimmerlands Kommune

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