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The Aratag app is an Internet of things hybrid application that, through Bluetooth beacon technology, connects offline and online and digitalizes the experience for visitors at attractions.

About Pangea Rocks

Pangea Rocks is one of Europe's leading rockwork and environment construction companies, having been involved in the design and building of more than 600 exhibits in zoos, safari parks and aquariums (“Attractions”) around the globe. With Aratag they have added an extra dimension to their portfolio – a dimension that offers a unique digital adventure for all visitors. 



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Pangea Rocks saw an opportunity in using their reputation in a highly specialized market to expand their product offering to existent clients. They came to Kruso with a vision of an app that functions as a digital guide at attractions. The guide provides you with relevant information about points of interest (animals, installations, amusements etc.), navigation, campaigns and much more.


We used an agile process and designed an MVP to shorten time to market. The Aratag app is an Internet of things hybrid application that, through Bluetooth beacon technology, connects offline and online and digitalizes the users experience through a solid omnichannel strategy. Through beacon transmitter software, information is automatically pushed out to the user depending on the users position near points of interests on the attraction. At the same time, the app also contains pull content for the active user to engage with. The technical aspect of the app was very interesting for us, as we do not have an inhouse mobile development team – so we decided to try something different. We used a technology stack called Cordova, which enabled our web developers to dive into mobile development very rapidly and use their refined skills and web technologies to build the app from scratch. The data for the app comes from a centralized Umbraco CMS solution which provides a Backoffice where the clients can create their own content, customize images and much more. This makes the solution extremely scalable since new clients can easily integrate the app into their establishment without the need for extra development or releasing of updates. Therefore this is a two-part solution. The first part is the app the users use, and the second part is the Backoffice for the clients.


The app is now live on Google Play and App Store. The next step is to integrate it at the planned tourist attractions. Stay tuned!

Kruso has been very professional in converting Pangea Rock's ideas to concrete initiatives. I had a lot of technical ideas for this project that Kruso has been extremely proficient in executing within a respectable period of time. Furthermore, the associated project manager has been available 24/7, which has made the whole process run very smoothly.

- Jan Møller, Director, Pangea Rocks

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