Kosan Crisplant

An Umbraco solution that has been improved through a great cooperation.

Kosan Crisplant is the leading supplier of equipment, solutions and service for the gas – industry. They have chosen Kruso as their trusted partner in improving the communication with their customers online.


To improve the communication with customers online through a system that provides new functions.


New functions for both customers and editors within the company’s Umbraco – solution. They received an upgrade of the existing Umbraco solution, better showings on mobile devices and the possibility of creating multiple sites in the same Umbraco solution.


Better communication with customers online through an upgrade of their Umbraco based system, improvements regarding mobile devices and the option of creating multiple sites in the same Umbraco – solution.

We chose Kruso to work with our web due to previous experiences. They are professional in all aspects and remembers each agreement. The economy is understandable. During the process we have gotten tips for new improvements that we had not thought of ourselves. A very rewarding cooperation.

- Lillian Christensen, Head of Corporate Communication | Corporate Communications

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