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About FOF

FOF is Denmark’s largest provider of public education. Every year more than 250.000 Danes attend a lesson, trip, course or event at one of FOF’s many schools all around Denmark.

FOF is organized in 38 local units, each with their own organization and budget.

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The main challenge was to create a solution flexible enough to fit all the various needs of each of the 38 local units – and make them agree. This was especially challenging since they all had shared the same product database as the core of the whole system. Building a simple, and at the same time inspiring user experience presenting 100’s of different types of lessons, and events targeting more or less everyone in Denmark was not easy either.


Kruso has developed a solution based on Sitecore fully integrated with FOF’s existing product database. We have built a governance model that nicely balances each local unit’s autonomy and ability to create meaningful content and communication with their local users, while synergies are obtained through central system and content sharing. This includes a local web shop with its own exclusive products for each department. Finally, the solution has been powered with a very strong site search solution from Cludo – making browsing and signing up for all the lessons and events easy and fun.


One centralized platform – 38 localised versions with their own products, communication and web shop. Modern and responsive design with an intuitive search functionality securing optimal user experience. The site has 1000 of daily visits and is today FOF’s main communication channel.

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