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A comprehensive and modern platform enabling full content sharing and reuse across all subsites.

Creating business opportunities in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Capacity is the official organization for investment promotion and economic development in Greater Copenhagen. Their goal is to attract foreign investors, companies and talent to the Greater Copenhagen Region to create jobs, growth and development.

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Copenhagen Capacity has very high ambitions – always striving to deliver highest standards in user experiences through stunning designed websites and useful online services. In 2013 they were looking out for a new partner for their Sitecore platform and we were chosen (thanks CopCap ).


We started out by performing a complete health check as part of the hand over and based on that planned an extensive restructuring and rebuild of the entire platform. This included SEO, more flexible editing tools, multisite solution, micro sites, CRM integrations, smart tools and a smooth Google Maps integrations – and not at least implementation of a totally new design.


Copenhagen Capacity today has a comprehensive, and modern platform enabling full content sharing, and reuse across all subsites enabling them to fast and cost-efficient create new campaign pages. The site is based on personalized and targeted communication powered by a complex integration to their CRM system.

Copenhagen Capacity

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