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Focus on collaboration, open source and cloud creates new Umbraco-based multisite.

About Aarhus Kommune

With just under 350.000 inhabitants, Aarhus is the country's second-largest municipality. Aarhus is known as Denmark's Cultural Capital with tourists flowing from both Denmark and abroad to experience art and history such as ARoS and “The Old Town” of Aarhus. Aarhus Kommune has an ambition of a digital presence that creates proximity to citizens and businesses.

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Aarhus Kommune wanted a more active and vibrant digital presence. In collaboration with Kruso, they came up with a solution based on an open source and cloud-based approach. They previously had a website from 2010 based on Sitecore. The aim of the solution was, therefore, keywords such as increased user-friendliness, better user experiences, and accessibility through smaller content-heavy pages with a more simple approach. Based on this, Aarhus Kommune used its knowledge of how users today access public websites to create the new solution. Further, Aarhus Kommune uses a large number of subsites, which involve many different editors and administrators across departments. Therefore, there was a further desire for a sustainable structure across subsites and different content pages


We have developed a brand new website with the latest version of Umbraco running in a cloud-based solution with Microsoft Azure, where a server environment was established for the purpose. Cloud contributes to future-proofing the website and creates good opportunities for integrating other systems. The solution provides better scalability, easier maintenance, and options for upgrading the technical solution. In addition, this approach also enables Aarhus Kommune to create an unlimited number of subsites themselves, which saves resources. Thus, Aarhus Kommune has been given a multisite-solution, which makes it easy to target and launch content for their many different target groups, while at the same time keeping structure and uniformity. The new site has a new and more simple information architecture supported by a wide range of governance tools. With many editors, this helps to ensure uniform content across fields of interest and sites. Finally, a number of integrations have been made for various relevant municipal 3rd party systems, including ESDH systems, First Agenda, and borger.dk. A great desire for Aarhus Kommune was to achieve a more selective approach to 3rd party systems with a focus on securing citizens' data. "From the beginning of the project, it has been an important consideration for us to protect the users' data. Therefore, we have a very selective and critical approach to 3rd party products that can detect user behavior. When we embarked on the project, the understanding of these considerations was not equal everywhere, but the general development has shown that we were on the right path and that we have made some fundamental right choices”, says Mikkel Højbjerg from the Aarhus Kommune project team.


The result is a multisite-solution that takes both editors and citizens into account. With a great focus on user-friendliness, uniformity, and structure, Aarhus Kommune got a website that meets a broad target group. Specialized and targeted pages give citizens a better overview and a better user experience, while the open-source based solution ensures consistency across sites, topics, and audiences. The choice of integrations of 3rd party systems helps to ensure a high-level security level when it comes to dealing with citizens' data. In addition, the new approach to navigation on the page has made it easier for citizens to find the specific topic they are looking for, creating a better user experience.

Working with a cloud-based hosting is new to us. We can definitely recommend it. Our server environment was literally established at a meeting with Kruso's developers and Aarhus Kommunes’s own server people. To see how a task that can normally take weeks to solve is completed in minutes was almost surreal

- Per Ryolf, a part of the project team behind the website

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