The road to a great newcomer site

How to ensure that your newcomer site creates growth

How to – the road to a great newcomer site

How do you market your municipality the best in terms of newcomers? You know your competitors in the neighbouring municipalities – so what is it that makes your municipality stand out? Who are your targeted newcomers? And what resources do you have now, and in the future for updating your newcomer site?

Kruso initiates the work on developing a new newcomer site with clarification – and UX workshops, where it is all about combining the users’ needs and the municipality’s financial resources and technical options available.



We are in a constant dialogue with the municipality, to ensure the most optimal solution.

Here is an outline of what considerations the municipality must take before proceeding with a newcomer site.

What can you offer the newcomers?

The municipalities must consider future citizens the same way businesses consider new customers. It is truly about communicating the right values, the right way and at the right place in order to affect your target group.

Are you targeting the golden oldies, or families with children? In the process of developing a newcomer site, Kruso works with citizen – personas to ensure goal-oriented communication. Simultaneously the municipality’s profile must be identified, in order to have a clear picture of what your municipality offers. Do you want to present your facilities like the newcomer site, that presents jobs, housing, institutions, shopping possibilities and much more? – Or is it the feeling of everyday life like the newcomer site, you need?


What is your content?

Correlated to what the municipality wants to communicate to its potential new citizens, it must be considered from the beginning what content that shall be used on the newcomer site – not just for the launch, but for the years to come.

Choosing your content depends on resources: Do you have the editors available to produce content? Do you need new posts for the newcomer site specifically, or can you reuse existing content like news, events and feeds from social media – or do you wish to integrate with existing external sources?

Integration with existing content can reduce your need for internal resources significantly. Therefore – do consider the future maintenance of the newcomer site from the start.


Our approach

Kruso’s approach for the newcomer site, is to include our different skills in the process as early as possible. That way we ensure that the concept, development and the time frame are all aligned from beginning to end, ensuring a solution that is scalable and user friendly in the years to come.

Down below you will see those aspects, that must be considered when doing a newcomer site.


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