Know what to build, before you actually build it

Get the answer to why User Experience, and concept development are important

Why are UX and Concept Development so important?

User Experience, and concept development sounds like a buzzword for many, but both elements are important, and quit practical methods when it comes to great digital product development. But why is it that important, and what do we really mean when we speak about User Experience, and concept development?

Let’s start with a definition on the two terms:

  • User Experience (UX) is the experience your users get when using your product.
  • Concept development is a bit harder to define, but here at Kruso we work with the following understanding: “Concept development is about creating a description of the digital product’s functioning and outlining, the connected services and processes and the business model for the product.”

Most often the User Experience – and Concept process are outlined prior to creating the design, and the programming of a new website, or a new digital product – and for a good reason. Basically, in concept development it is about defining what needs to be built before you build it. In the User Experience process it is about defining solutions that offers most value, and the best user experience for your customers. In relation to this, it is about defining, and examining what should be built before you build it, and how you build it in a way that creates the most optimal value for your customers.


So why is it smart to know what to build, and how to build it before you start?

  1. It is expensive to change direction if you miss. We know how big the expenses are when changing direction during production. If you have tested, and made prototypes before the production you are more ensured on an uncomplicated process.
  2. It enables you to get an early estimate, and reasoning for your concepts and ideas. In a concept phase, you can have the best ideas put forward, and then select which direction is the most optimal for your business, users needs and to see if it’s technologically possible. This gives you a much better overview, and enables you to create the best digital products as possible.
  3. It makes it possible to create a product that has the most value for your users. Using prototypes, wireframes and visual tests in a concept/UX process enables you to sense, and test your users to see what works the best. During a concept/UX process you get a sense of, and a knowledge of what works the best, and what your customers demand. Place your customers in the center, and have empathy for their needs and wishes.

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