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When modern consumers research and buy new products and services, online is where the magic happens. For your business, the potential in exporting products  to consumers in other countries has grown larger. However, the competition has become tougher as many foreign suppliers are also ready to embrace the consumers’ needs.

Consumer behaviour and the many foreign suppliers therefore challenge your company's existing business model. In order not to risk losing future revenue and market share, your business should therefore meet the new digital conversion and exploit the big potential of e-exports if it does not already.

In Denmark, only one in ten companies are exporting digitally. This may be due to the fact that many of them do not yet sell goods online in the Danish market, although the potential for e-commerce is big for Danish companies.

If your business is one of those who do not use e-commerce already, you can become more aware of the benefits it may have for your business.

Grafisk billede af enheder

Webshop advantages


Dansk Industri has, in collaboration with Epinion, conducted a study in 2017 that deals with Danish B2B companies' perspectives on digitizing trade. It shows that companies that sell goods online experience:

  • a strengthened brand,
  • increased revenue,
  • improved efficiency and customer loyalty,
  • new customer- and distribution channels.

However, the same gains apply to B2B companies without e-commerce, but they underestimate the extent to which digital efforts can also indirectly increase revenue. Here, there is an increase in earnings through digitization of eg:


  • The product parameter including better display of product range, pricing, product filtering and more targeted product search.
  • The distribution parameter including better availability, distribution channels, customer service and inventory management.
  • The price parameter including better ability to compare prices with competitors, regulate discount and offer schemes and lower retail costs.
  • The promotion parameter, including better use of digital tools such as social media, loyalty programs, newsletters and SEM to optimize consumer purchasing experience and to measure on your marketing efforts.

From a business perspective, e-commerce can thus help enhance consumer awareness of your brand as an online presence increases your accessibility to online consumers. In this context, implementation of tools such as social media, SEO and e-exports can help reach new customer and distribution channels. Once the consumers have been converted to your webshop, it is important to keep them on your site, as customers. Tools such as UX, CTA features, a user-friendly navigation system, loyalty programs, product news and online customer service can help with this. If these tools are used strategically, they can help increase your company's customer loyalty, thereby strengthening your brand.

Ecommerce can help increase awareness and credibility to your brand and create more sales leads, thus increasing revenue, as well as being a means of treating new international markets.


Which e-commerce platforms do we recommend?

At Kruso, our experience tells us that commerce engines like uCommerce and Episerver Commerce create a better user experience for web editors and visitors. This is because they can help ensure fully integrated e-commerce solutions across a number of content management systems, which is why they are commerce engines that we strongly recommend our customers to use. The web editor at the same time gains greater creative freedom, which, with our advisory knowledge, meets consumer needs for a user-friendly online shopping experience.


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